Overcoming Drug Addiction: How to Stop Abusing Drugs

Overcoming Drug Addiction: How to Stop Abusing Drugs

Drug abuse is an epidemic on the rise. Drugs are substances that alter the state of mind of the consumer which leads to the release of endorphins or “feel good hormones” for a period.

There all sorts of drugs these days, ranging from over the counter prescription drugs like pills, alcohol, cough syrups to illegal like heroin, cocaine, weed and other opioids. Synthetic based drugs are the latest on the trend that gives one hell of a trip, more than the body can sometimes handle which can ultimately be fatal.

Drug abuse leads to drug addiction which in turn leads to the hospital bed. You are on the path of self-destruction which will only lead to a wide array of serious health problems, regret and eventually an early death. But there is hope for everything. Nothing is impossible. You can escape the jaws of death by following a few simple steps.

1. Recognising you have problem

This is the first and foremost step towards recovery from any challenge. You should realize with yourself that you have a drug problem in life, and want to get it redressed as you no longer wish to follow that path.

2. Seeking help and guidance

Undoing a habit from your usual life, is no easy task, as your brain has been wired to it. Starting a new journey to sobriety involves rewiring your brain. Once you are on the path to recovery, the body will face challenges like withdrawal symptoms, behavioural changes, and detoxification.



Recovery treatments like committing yourself to clinics, sobriety centres, hospitalisation, and therapy. But no procedure is the same for everyone. Few others focus on getting a new activity or hobby, spending more time with family, some physical activity or learning something new. Detaching from harmful elements and friends that will help you relapse should be avoided entirely for the betterment of yourself.

3. Slow and steady wins the race

It is not something that can be addressed to in a day or two. It will take a while to rid it from your system completely. Constant motivation and dedication build a healthy mindset to help you lead the way. Don’t worry, during the journey, relapses do occur but do not let it keep you down.

But you should learn to control your urges and drives by keeping it in check through some activity that tackles it. Release any stress or emotion, by talking to friends and family, exercising, eating healthy, adopting a pet, painting or any activity that helps you positively release stress and excitement.

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